Coatings We Specialize In:


PVD Coatings (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a vacuum method that can apply various films at varying temperatures. PVD Coating is known for its flexibility and versatility.


Sputtering is a form of PVD which uses ionized gas to ablate (“sputter”) a target to create a thin film of that material on a substrate.


Cathodic arc is another type of (PVD) Physical Vapor Deposition known for coating adhesion, uniformity, utility on parts with 3-dimensional structure and scalability.


ALD Coatings (Atomic Layer Deposition) is a vapor phase technique capable of producing thin films of a variety of materials. It is ideal for odd shaped items.

Injection Molds

Increase the life expectancy of your molds and fix leaking cooling channels with PVD coating.


Make your consumables last longer and cut chamber down time.

Additive Manufacturing

Transform the capabilities of your 3D printed products using thin-film deposition.

Harsh Environments

Have a part that needs to withstand heat, friction, or harsh chemicals? PVD coatings can help.

Tool Coatings

Protective coatings for everything from the operating table to the oil field.


"Applying custom and metallic coatings to plastic 3D printed parts has been a hard resource to find. Alcadyne has been great to work with and is providing high end finishes for our additive manufacturing business."

Doug Collins | Avid Product Development

“Coating solutions offered by Alcadyne allow West Coast Quartz to provide the latest performance extending enhancements to our global customers. These enhancements have shown a direct impact through extended part lifetime, particle reduction and product throughput.”

Jeff Simpson | West Coast Quartz