Increase Uptime. Lower Cost Of Ownership.

Do you struggle with high cost of ownership on etching tools due to frequent downtime to replace consumables such as quartz, ceramic shields, and workholding components? Is the harsh chemical environment of your manufacturing process wearing away critical parts?

We solve these problems by providing an optically transparent & chemically inert protective coating that extends consumable lifetime and reduces downtime for chamber maintenance cycles. We’re able to lower the purchase frequency of consumables by extending the lifecycle of components exposed to harsh chemical plasmas.


We protect a variety of form factors made from a range of materials from fused quartz to yttria stabilized zirconia – and we do this without affecting engineering tolerances. Utilizing low temperature sputtering we produce an aluminum oxide or yttrium oxide coating in layers as thin as 10 nanometers to over 50 microns.


Customers achieve resistance over 80 times that of uncoated fused silica and our products are qualified in a number of semiconductor fabrication facilities across the United States. Consumable spares with our etch resistant coatings have been used in semiconductor chambers under the harshest of conditions.

Concerned that our etch protective coatings have not been
qualified in your facility’s chambers?

That’s understandable. We partner with you to qualify our coating for your particular process. We use our experience to engineer the specific solution to your needs. The result is longer lasting critical parts, decreases in downtime, increases in profitability, and lower cost of tool ownership.

Tell us about the specific problems you’re trying to solve.