Do You Have Leaking or Corroded Cooling Channels? Sticking Parts? Mold Degradation?

Prevent problems before they start by making Alcadyne’s Six Point Injection Mold Program a standard step in your process.

We strengthen molds inside and out: Limiting downtime,
improving performance, and lowering your cost of ownership.

How The SIX Point Injection Mold Program Works:

  1. Thoroughly clean the mold
  2. Flush the cooling channels
  3. Check the flow rate and complete a Leak Integrity Check
  4. Coat the cavity and core of the mold with Alcadyne’s PVD A10™ Coating, at <0.0002 inch (<5 microns) it won’t throw your mold out of tolerance
  5. Coat the cooling channels of the mold with our proprietary cFlow™ aero-space-grade ceramic coating
  6. Deliver the mold back to your door for a long and fruitful life pumping out parts

The result, a mold that lasts dramatically longer. This is a
full end-to-end program for both traditional and additively
manufactured molds.

Combine the advantages of our cFlow™ coating, designed for long-term protection and repair of cooling channels, with our  A10™ coating, a wear-resistant surface treatment for cavities and cores.

Benefits Of The Six Point Injection Mold Program:

  • Coating with cFlow™ fixes leaking molds by sealing micro-cracks or voids that may have formed in the channel during laser sintering or heat treating
  • cFlow™ creates a smooth surface that limits scaling from dissolved minerals and impurities
  • Our cFlow™ coating provides a layer between the cooling water and the metal wall, preventing dissolved metals and rust from occurring due to oxidation and incorrect pH levels
  • cFlow™ is formulated to limit pitting corrosion by achieving a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale vs 3-5 Mohs for common minerals in water
  • Application of the cFlow™ coating is conformal, promoting a uniform thermal gradient — heat mapping and temperature readings show no decrease in heat transfer through the cooling walls
  • cFlow™ is chemical and solvent resistant, allowing it to be used in conjunction with an aggressive chemical clean during maintenance
  • After over 1,000 hours (ASTM B117) in a salt fog test the cFlow™ coating formulation exhibited no blistering, cracking, softening or delaminating
  • At 85 Rockwell C (85Rc) our A10™ coating is designed as a high wear-resistant surface treatment for almost any mold metal
  • A10™ provides the right combination of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, lubricity and hardness — it maintains a low, 0.5 coefficient of friction and exhibits excellent release characteristics
  • A10™ surface treatment provides a high degree of uniformity and maintains tight tolerances

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