We Know A Thing Or Two
About Harsh Environments

Any company that works with tools and equipment exposed to harsh environments struggles with unexpected downtime, frequent replacement cycles, repair expense, and the cost of maintaining a high inventory of spares.

A few specific examples of how our coatings are put to use…

  • Resisting the grind and scrape on the platform and two miles below the surface in the oil field.
  • Defending against the bombardment of pitting and blasting elements as a plane breaks the 30,000 foot ceiling or hits the flight deck at 150 mph for the aerospace industry.
  • Protecting your manufacturing tools and critical parts against perpetual abrading, pounding, chafing and galling.
  • Acting as barriers to etching and abrasive wear at chemical complexes and power plants.
  • Preserving extruders, molds, and machinery that produce food for our homes on farms and in processing plants.
  • Fighting adhesion wear and providing lubrication to gears, bearings and wheels that operate in oil-less environments.

In short, our coatings are ready to be anywhere you need to protect critical parts from abrasion, adhesion, fatigue and corrosion.

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