Longer Lasting & More Efficient Molds

Be it a Metal injection Mold, plastic injection mold, 3D printed resin mold or short-run prototype mold, the mold is critical to a manufacturing company’s success. We work with some of the nation’s largest mold makers and end-users to extend the life of the mold, and make the tool more efficient during manufacturing. We do this by creating specific coatings that are the right combination of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, lubricity and hardness.

We help our customers by applying a coating using the PVD process that impregnates the tool and die surface, creating superior surface hardness, corrosion resistance and lubricity. Most tool alloys have an average hardness of Rockwell Rc 45 to 50; after impregnating the surface of these tools with specified coatings, we achieve surface hardness in the range of Rc 80 to 85, creating longer tool life with high lubricity.

Our proprietary injection mold coatings are characterized by a low coefficient of sliding friction, preventing galling, but with a hardness and strength that exceeds the best tool steels, while keeping the molds within their mandated tolerance.

We optimize our process to accommodate the substrate characteristics, injected material viscosity and type of wear resistance and lubricity our customers require. When high speed, quick release and long life are critical, Alcadyne delivers.

Our customers have seen mold lifetimes increase from 100,000 cycles to well over 1,000,000 cycles. One customer reduced downtime by two-thirds by eliminating sticking within the mold. Others have decreased machining costs and lead times by substituting expensive stainless steel with lower cost material to create molds that are strengthened with our customized coating.

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