Game-Changing: Surface Coatings For Injection Molds

Game-Changing Technology - Surface Coatings

We see some interesting things with the injection molds that come across our plate. From parts sticking to galling, there are a lot of issues that can kill mold performance. The good news, surface coatings for injection molds can solve many of these issues.  Let’s take a look at common Issues we use surface coatings …

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How To Clean Injection Molds

how to clean injection mold

Does cleaning an injection mold benefit performance? How do you clean an injection mold? And can you cause damage by cleaning too much?  All great questions that we’ll answer here.  For a little expert insight, I sat down with Steve Johnson, President and Founder of MoldTrax, to talk about tips and advice on mold cleaning. …

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DLC Coating vs PVD Coating For Injection Molds

Sizing up two heavyweights in the coating world. The right injection mold coating can save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. It makes an injection mold more corrosion-proof, durable, and assists in part release.  That’s important, because it’s essential that a mold both last and maintain efficiency once coated.  Knowing this begs the question: …

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Surface Coating For Better Mold Release

Don’t you hate it when you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on mold design and fabrication, you think through every possible issue and then a part still gets hung up in the tool? We understand. It’s these issues that keep our technical team working late to improve mold coatings. Release coatings are necessary to …

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How To Increase Injection Mold Shots From 100,000 To Over 2,000,000 Shots

Tale of a worn gate Injection mold components experience remarkable wear and tear as high temperature polymers, often with abrasive and corrosive additives, are injected into the mold.  A challenge for many injection mold makers and plastic injection production teams is how to ensure that the mold components will not only last through several million …

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